Let’s use the power of TRAFFIC EXCHANGE to make your site and our site bigger and better. Dinero.cc proposes a 1:1 traffic exchange.

The principle is very simple : you send x uniques, we send x uniques back!


STEP 1 – Please contact us through our contact page here.
Please use subject : “TRAFFIC EXCHANGE”.
Give us the url where you want the traffic back + an estimate of how many uniques you can send every day

STEP 2 – We will reply with our own tracking url. Please use this url to start sending and get the deal going.

STEP 3 – We need 72 hours to evaluate your traffic (how many uniques/day + productivity). After that, we will start sending traffic back to the url you provided at step 1.

That’s it!

Smart people exchange traffic rather than buying it.

You can stop sending traffic at any time you want, but if you do so, please let us know asap by contacting us with the subject “STOP TRAFFIC EXCHANGE”

Our traffic is coming from our members area and from quality traffic sources we buy. It will make you money and it will make this deal profitable for you.

Please only initiate a traffic exchange if you can send at least 50 uniques per day from tier 1 countries or 150 from other tiers.

Talk soon!