Music Stream Payola


Music Stream on Spotify or Youtube, and get paid for it

Music Stream Payola

Payola is an application which pays you to stream music on Spotify and Youtube.

STEP 1 – Play : Open up a music app on your phone or computer and listen to new music

STEP 2 – Paste : Paste a song name into my Payola software and click the automate button

STEP 3 – Profit : Watch as the software generates strange new “payola” from a complete standstill

This is a system which profits with the $30 billions US music streaming market.

And this market is suppose to grow up until $50-$60 billions in 2027.

Music Stream Payola

The growing popularity of digital platforms and the increasing adoption of smart devices is expected to positively impact industry growth during the forecast period. Music streaming services include platforms that allow users to listen to audio, podcasts, and watch music videos. Moreover, these platforms offer features such as song recommendations, auto customization of the playlist, and hassle-free accessibility on apps as well as browsers, which is also expected to gain the attention of end-users during the forecast period. An upsurge in podcast genres on these platforms is further driving the market.”

Music Stream Payola

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The app works with Spotify, Youtube, Apple Music and pretty much every music streaming service and it allows you to make money.

You can use Payola withour any music skills, writing or musical knowledge.

Furthermore, you do not need to have any list, website or social media following for this to work.

This is what you will get inside the members area :

WELCOME VIDEO : They will show you exactly how the system works in one simple video. It takes a few minutes to understand what this is all about.

AUTOMATED SOFTWARE : You will get the software used to launch moneymaking campaigns. This is where you enter the name of the songs you find. This is a powerful tool which makes the whole thing possible. It is all done online through their web-based system.

OPPORTUNITIES : You will get the 5x free apps and websites used to find new music. These are updated daily and contain 1000s of songs for any genre.

CASE STUDIES & DATA SET : You will get case studies and data from their beta-testers. They had to give them this to be able to use the tool. With that in hand, you will be able to see what worked the best for them.

Music Stream Payola

There is some work involved indeed in this system, it’s not going to make you money with any tweaking.

You will also have 5 bonuses directly from their members area.

They offer a 365 day Money Back Guarantee which is really good in our opinion.

If you do not like the product or can’t make it work, simply ask for a refund and you’ll get it back no questions asked.

Our advice is, if you like music and are looking to make money, try the app.

Worse case scenario, it will not make money and if that’s the case, you can ask for a full refund of the $17.

No harm done, just a few hours of your time.

Click here to go to Payola

Music Stream

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