Below are our top making offers and opportunities.

We have been able to generate between €400 and €500 per week with these offers.
They all function correctly.
But it takes time and work.
If you focus, if you dedicate time and efforts, you will make money.

For all these offers, you do not need a website to make money.
These are the easiest way to get started and make money while not owning your own website.

If you want to start your own website, you may want to check our Web Hosting Services and Website Builders pages.

Obviously, starting your own website is the best solution if you are working long term.

The vast majority of these offers are coming either from Clickbank or WarriorPlus, which are two pretty well known networks selling all sorts of online products, courses and softwares in various verticals.


Make money fast


ClickWealth System is an All in One system.

They provide all the tools you need AND they will guide you through :
– Email
– Landing pages
– Website builder
– Domain name
– Web Hosting
– Tracker

We are currently making €450 – €500 per week with this product. It is an absolute killer. This system will make money if you use it correctly. It will take some time to get used to it though, it is not instant. But we feel this is the best decision for anyone without any tech skills and who wants to start fast.

Click here to go to the Click Wealth System


Go News Cloud is all done for you. With their system, you can have your own News site and start profiting from it. It is all done on WordPress Cloud.

So the package contains the following :

  • The Complete Go News Builder
  • ECommerce stores and Affiliate store built-in
  • Unlimited Free Hosting
  • Beginner friendly : no code
  • No monthly fee
  • Clickbank, JVzoo and WarriorPlus done for you offers built in
  • Adsense to profit from every click
  • Set up your own custom domain name
  • 30 day money back guarantee

Honestly this one is pretty unique and well done. You get a Go News builder site, hosting, affiliate and ecommerce store built-in. It is common to generate €250 per week with this product after a few weeks of work. It can grow fast if you do it well.

Just like all the other “Make Money” Offers and products contained on this page, it takes time and dedication to see some results. Do not expect a system that works exclusively by itself, this will not happen. But this one is definitely a good software and it can produce nice results if handled well.

Also they sell it for a one-time payment, there is no recurring fee whatsoever. At the time we are writing this page, Go News Cloud sells for $19. That’s approximately €17 for our European readers. Honestly it’s a no brainer if you are looking to start an online business with a turnkey solution – all included.

Click here to go to GO NEWS CLOUD


One of the best deal available through the WarriorPlus network.

10 turnkeys app to start up your business, get amazing funnels and most importantly get the traffic. Each Cloud-Based App Includes:
– Step-by-Step Training
– Premium Hosting for your pages / sites / funnels
– 24/7 Support
– A complete make money system ready to use

The apps available in this bundle are :

  • Commission Pages
  • Passive Profit Funnels
  • $1K Daily System
  • 10X Profit Funnels
  • Auto Profit Sites
  • Vid Commissions
  • Profit Sniper X
  • Profit Product Creator
  • Traffic Multiplier

They even offer an extended traffic suite of 18 products without any additional costs :

Commission Blueprint
Commission Magnet
Instant Traffic Jacker
Commission Profit Hack
100 CPA Daily
Pure Profit Payday
Commission Toolbox
Overnight Commissions
Million Dollar Toolbox
Six Figure Influx
The Commission Glitch
250 Cash Magnet
$2K CPA Traffic Jacker
$200 Cash Hack
$500 CPA Every Day
CPA Coffee Shop Method
$300 CPA Every Day
Secret Traffic Training 1
Secret Traffic Training 2
Secret Traffic Training 3

All these softwares are Cloud based, which means you do not need to download them on your computer, you can just access with a login and password. It is honestly a nice suite, it has enough to keep you busy and make you money for a while. Free Viral Traffic, Monetized Websites, Recurring Commissions, Automated Profit Funnels, Affiliate Commissions, Buyer Traffic, High Ticket Sales, eCommerce Sites, Automated List Building, Passive Income, Affiliate Review Sites, Video Marketing Profits.

Check out their sales page, they give away a lot of information about the apps and this will give you a better idea of what you’ll get when purchasing their system. Once again, if you do not want to set up your own site and want a turnkey solution, then 10X Commission Stack is a great starter package.

Click here to go to 10X Commission Stack

Watch 2 profit : a unique system which pays you to watch videos
Clicks : 23,012 – Sales : 2,022 – Conversions : 8.79% – Profits : +15k€


Make money from Youtube without having to make your videos.

The software is pretty simple, you pick the videos, paste them together, add effects and upload to Youtube directly. If you have the soul of an artist more than a businessman, this offer is for you.

We are currently making €420 – €450 per week with Video Creatox. And it’s FUN to work on to be totally honest.

This is what they claim on the main page :

Step #1: Sign up for Premium Membership
Create your account to sign up for the Premium Membership

Step #2: Choose from millions of videos
Pick between millions of videos and make them yours

Step #3: Upload & earn from your videos!
Upload unlimited videos & start earning passive monthly income

60 Days Money Back Guarantee : they also provide all members a FULL 60 days money back guarantee, which means If their network does not make money, just let them know within the 60 days and they will refund your subscription, no questions asked. That in itself is a good sign, it normally means that it makes decent money.

The price is €0.98 or $1.00 to get started in their system.

Click here to go to Video Creatox


They developped a software with a “Sleep-Sales technology” as they call it.

It sounds cheesy, but it works.
We were able to generate up to €400 – €450 per week with this system.
It’s not instant, there is some work to do previously, but if you are serious about it, you will get there.

On their landing page, they offer a free video which explains their system.

The “12 Minute Affiliate” Is A Plug-And-Play System That FINALLY Makes Affiliate Marketing As Easy As It Has Always Been Promised To Be.

​Simple plug-and-play activation in as little as 12 short minutes.
​Easily earn commissions in the biggest and most profitable niche markets.
Build a huge email list quickly and easily.
​Follow up with your leads for months on complete auto-pilot.
​Promote your affiliate products with the click of a button (even on social media).
Perfect for newbie and intermediate marketers.

Click here to go to 12 Minutes Affiliate


Patent pending cloud-based software app. $397 value DFY (done-for-you) web funnel and 100% profit product included.

Newbie friendly, zero tech skills needed (5 minute copy-paste set up).
100% free built-in traffic included.
Need we say more ?
€400 per week at the time we are writing this.

Diddly Pay is the world’s first social-viral “payment button” that generates free traffic, email leads, and unlimited income, as in, set it (up) and forget it. It is an easy way to make money.

Simply generate and paste a Diddly Pay button on any product page.
Including the $397 value DFY (done-for-you) website automatically set you up with as a new Diddly Pay Vendor.
And after sending some initial traffic to get the ball rolling, simply let the DP button go to work for you.

DP gives visitors the option to “pay” for products simply by referring others through the Diddly Pay system. They call this “pay by lead.”

In exchange for referring x number of other Diddly Pay customers to any product, the referring customers get automated access to the product.

So suddenly – and automatically – you’ve got 148 people who’ve become your partners and affiliates.

The idea of this system is quite genius to be totally honest. It is a total win-win both for the customer who does not want to pay, but also for the product owner who gets new potential customers for free.

Click here to go to Diddly Pay Pro

Stacked : free traffic built-in
Leadler : Email Marketing solution created by Email Marketers
Hijack’d : Copy and paste their secret link

Please note that did not test Hijack’d, Leadler and Stacked. We saw some positive reviews about their products but we have not tested them ourselves.


This is one awesome offer.

They basically give you turnkey, ready made websites to start making money with. It’s all done for you.

There is a free and paid option.
Paid option obviously give you more websites and opportunities.
Currently we are at €400 per week with this product.
Try the free option and if you think this is for you, consider upgrading.

Free Monthly Websites has been one of the leading providers of FREE websites for over 10 YEARS, with over 50,000 people taking advantage of the free website we have offered each and every month.

These websites are content rich, cash generating websites that earn you affiliate commissions from multiple affiliate sources.

Please remember one important thing in Affiliate Marketing : you MUST absolutely diversify your income sources. Promoting just one product is not always a good idea.

If for whatever reason, the affiliate program of that product decide not to pay you, or banning your account, you will end up with a lot of wasted work hours. Do not put all your eggs in one basket. Diversify your sources of revenues, diversify the products you are promoting. And Free Monthly Website does exactly that, and does it well.

Click here to go to Free Monthly Websites

#8 : PRIME

Prime is a Multi-Channel Marketing Application, All-in-one Media Automated Sales management.

7 cross-channel marketing tools :

  • Messenger Chat Bot
  • Email Marketing
  • SMS marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Push Notification
  • Video
  • Live Streaming

Prime allows you to :
Tap Into 300 Traffic Sources In 1-Click
Activate their Traffic Into $51.77/Hr System
No Tech Skills Or Experience Needed
3-Figure A Day Case Study Included
Get In Front Of Real Visitors
Stop Wasting Money On Paid Traffic

The system is web-based, you do not have to download or install anything. You control your entire business through their system online.

All that in one convenient education software.

Some tweaking is needed, it will take a few days for anyone to make it work. But the goal is an AutoPilot result and for that, Prime is doing its job.

Definitely worth the $12 if you are looking for a cheap and not-so-complicated solution to start getting traffic.

What i don’t like on their website is that they are selling you a dream rather than the product itself. It is a great mistake in their marketing in my humble opinion.

They will tell you “live the laptop lifestyle”, “buy a brand new car” or just simply make money without actually selling their own product.

And the worse part is that their product is actually really good!
It works fine, it does its job.

But this is only a marketing error, and even with that, Prime remains a very good product which we recommend and that’s the reason it made it through this list.

Click here to go to Prime


They offer a lot and most importantly it’s FREE! $0.00.

So basically what you get is the following :
High Converting Evergreen Sales Machine (100% automated)
Special training for your new business
How to get organic traffic training
How to get paid traffic training
How to scale your business income training
How to create a solid and lasting affiliate business training
The suggestion of action you should take every day to constantly generate sales and income

DINERO.CC can help you!

Regarding all softwares located on this page, if you do not have your own website or product or simply online presence, and you still want to make money, can help you.

We understand that not everyone wants to maintain a website so we made it easy for you.

We will set up a high converting page on which will contain your exclusive links with your ID.

You can use the free sales machine to send your traffic onto this particular page.
All sales generated from your traffic will be paid to you directly by on the 1st of each month.

Please go to our contact page to set that up directly with one of our account manager.

Also here are some of the bonuses offered as well inside the members area of the free sale machine :

Bonus 1: Done For You High Converting Sales Funnels

Setup takes less than 30mins and you will be ready to drive cash producing traffic with our already proven and converting funnels (Value $1,997)

Bonus 2: Complete Step by Step Video Training on Setup
Quick start guide to success of getting Traffic ready With real world results that work online (Value $997)

Bonus 3: Private Exclusive Facebook Group
You will access their dedicated Facebook Mastermind Support. (Value $500/Month)

Bonus 4: Top Secret Affiliate FB Training
This training was developed for those who are determined and know what they want. You will Focus on growing social media network to help you gain more authority and make more sales along the way (Value $997)

Bonus 5: Access To their High Converting Exclusive Traffic To Send To Your Funnel
This traffic has been tested, optimized, and tweaked for maximum efficiency on advertising spend.

Bonuses Worth Over $4,491 All Included

Honestly this is free, it costs you nothing to join them through the WarriorPLus network and it is a great system to make money.

You will then access their members area.

They will try to make money and sell you some of their products, you can have a look but do not need to buy these products to access their members area content.

Always go at the bottom of the page to click on the purple dark large button – it is always the last one.

After 5 or 6 pages, you will eventually get to their members area which looks like this :

On the left menu, right under Funnely Enough, you can access their free method and tools :

Follow the step-by-step method and choose what you want to promote and how to promote it

Their method is a proven one to make money, they have sold over 25,000 units, they are definitely a product worth checking out. As with all the other products here, you do not make money in a few minutes, it takes time and work.

Click here to go to Free Sales Machine

#10 : PAYOLA

Payola is an application which pays you to stream music on Spotify and Youtube.

STEP 1 – Play : Open up a music app on your phone or computer and listen to new music
STEP 2 – Paste : Paste a song name into my Payola software and click the automate button
STEP 3 – Profit : Watch as the software generates strange new “payola” from a complete standstill

This is a system which profits with the $30 billions US music streaming market.
And this market is suppose to grow up until $50-$60 billions in 2027.

The growing popularity of digital platforms and the increasing adoption of smart devices is expected to positively impact industry growth during the forecast period. Music streaming services include platforms that allow users to listen to audio, podcasts, and watch music videos. Moreover, these platforms offer features such as song recommendations, auto customization of the playlist, and hassle-free accessibility on apps as well as browsers, which is also expected to gain the attention of end-users during the forecast period. An upsurge in podcast genres on these platforms is further driving the market.”

Sources :

The app works with Spotify, Youtube, Apple Music and pretty much every music streaming service and it allows you to make money.

You can use Payola withour any music skills, writing or musical knowledge.
Furthermore, you do not need to have any list, website or social media following for this to work.

This is what you will get inside the members area :

WELCOME VIDEO : They will show you exactly how the system works in one simple video. It takes a few minutes to understand what this is all about.

AUTOMATED SOFTWARE : You will get the software used to launch moneymaking campaigns. This is where you enter the name of the songs you find. This is a powerful tool which makes the whole thing possible. It is all done online through their web-based system.

OPPORTUNITIES : You will get the 5x free apps and websites used to find new music. These are updated daily and contain 1000s of songs for any genre.

CASE STUDIES & DATA SET : You will get case studies and data from their beta-testers. They had to give them this to be able to use the tool. With that in hand, you will be able to see what worked the best for them.

There is some work involved indeed in this system, it’s not going to make you money with any tweaking.

You will also have 5 bonuses directly from their members area.

They offer a 365 day Money Back Guarantee which is really good in our opinion. If you do not like the product or can’t make it work, simply ask for a refund and you’ll get it back no questions asked.

Our advice is, if you like music and are looking to make money, try the app. Worse case scenario, it will not make money and if that’s the case, you can ask for a full refund of the $17. No harm done, just a few hours of your time.

Click here to go to Payola

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